BTC - unconfirmed transaction

Even though I tranfered my BTC to the Trezor 19 hours 55 min ago, it still says unconfirmed transaction!? Instead of getting closer to finnish the estimated time is 7 hours 36 mins. Is something wrong, or does it ever taking this long?

Hello @Avestacoins,

you probably set a low fee when initiating the transaction.
If you have RBF enabled, you can speed up the transaction as shown here:

Thanks, so I can safely just wait and think about the alternative RBF next time?

Another day, but still no confirmation of my BTC :frowning:
It still says estimated 7 hours… Can I be sure of it´s on the way even though it takes this long? Cause I have´nt got any error message or so… if it fails - it should still be or return to my sending wallet, right!?

Please contact us via and create a ticket with your transaction ID.
We will check what could be the issue and let you know.

contacting support is the best option and if you have to blacklist any wallet on most exchange i would advise you contact tellcrypto dot com .
any luck with unconfirmed transaction ?

Finally :wink:
They have arrived

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