BTC to USDT exchange failed and I do not see my funds

On the 13th of October I exchanged som e btc to usdt and as I was doing multiple batches I kept on exchanging without seeing it properly put it in the wallet. I did this more often without any problems. Now I am entering my wallet and am missing the coins. I can see the exchanges dates and amounts. I transfer some to Bybit and left some in the wallet, I thought. Now I can’t find it anymore.

I’ll try to search on the forum but do not know the answer.
Love to hear from you what possible steps I should take. Much appreciated!

Anybody in there? Or where should I aks this question. I exchanged from BTC to USDT and later on back. In this latest step it was working on accepting the deal but I never so the end result of it made the deal. I assume that if it didn’t it would keep the USDT as USDT in my wallet. Both are gone.

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Please, contact the exchange you used directly.

Thanks, how do I find this? When I go into my Trezor account I see the information around the transaction but no names. I only see numbers and no names like I had when choosing the deal. I found out the transactions are done from two wallets. One is a Legacy Segwit account and the other just a normal account. Their balance is both ‘0’.

what is the trade ID please?

I see only a very long number TXID? I am not sure what is safe to send or not as it also says do not send these things.

you can open a support ticket:

also, you should see the provider in your Trade history

Thanks a lot. I found the provider and it mentioned: The provider has marked this transaction as “suspicious”; you may be required to complete their KYC process to finish the trade. Please contact the provider’s support to proceed.

then you have to contact them an complete the process, this is out of our hands, we do not facilitate transactions.

I understand and will go to them and ask what the problem is. Weird that they accept the trade but keep it in their system. Thanks for your help! Have a good day!

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Sorry to disturb again! One part of my btc is solved (was blocked for KYC reasons and had to proof the source). but the other portion I can not find any info over. I see the amount, I see the blockchain report, I that it was confirmed many times but it did not appear in my wallet. I believe this portion was in a Legacy Segwit Account. Could it be with updating from the wallet that it disappeared? Let me know if you need more information.

was it part of the same trade? Same provider?

YOu said you were exchanging BTC to USDT. So BTC will not be in your wallet, you sent it away.