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Sent some BTC from Atomic wallet to my Trezor wallet. I set the fees too low and the transaction is still pending after 48 hours. Question: Can I use replace-by-fee on Trezor to increase the fee payment or do I have to do this via Atomic wallet /Electrum wallet? The workflow noted below is from the Atomic website, I’m reluctant to use this method tbh.

“It is not possible to replace by fee from Atomic Wallet directly, as of yet. What you can do instead is to export your BTC private key into Electrum wallet and bump the transaction from there.”

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Hello there HappyP, and welcome to Trezor forum :slightly_smiling_face:

You can only use RBF in Trezor Suite if you have used it to initiate the transaction. If you have made the transaction from Atomic wallet, please refer to the steps in the article What can I do with a pending BTC transaction? - Atomic Wallet Knowledge Base to increase the fee.

Please note: do not import your Trezor recovery seed phrase into Electrum or another wallet app, as this would compromise the security of your wallet.

Another way would be to use a technique called Child Pays for Parent (CPFP). You can do this if you are able to see the pending transaction in your Bitcoin account in Trezor Suite. You could then go to “Send”, then use “Coin control” to see all your UTXOs, and select the pending one. If you send this UTXO to one of your own addresses in the same account and make sure the fee is high enough, miners will confirm both transactions at the same time. This is a way of increasing the fee when you are on the receiving end of the transaction.

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