BTC Not showing up on Blockchain or Blockonomics

Hello Forum, I search blockchain dot com and blockonomics dot com for my BTC address. There is exactly 2 BTC missing. It says I sent them somewhere. I go onto Trezor, and the 2 BTC are in my Trezor account. Just wondering why the 2.0000 is missing on the public address and showing up on the Trezor. Any guidance would be much appreciated. C-Note Richards

Hi @C-NoteRichards,

I can’t say why you’re missing 2 Bitcoin (BTC) in the blockchain, but the blockchain is always correct if you’re searching with the right address. You may be hacked/scammed and someone stole your BTC I’m afraid.

I suspect you use the Remember function in your Trezor Suite wallet, so it won’t do a Discovery routine on the blockchain. If so, turn off the Remember switch to see the correct values in your wallet.

Thank you Petosiris, Is it possible that Trezor created another address and I am just missing the 2.000BTC on another address that is somewhere within the Trezor account ? Thank you again, C-Note Richards.

Hello Petosiris, I just checked the the Standard wallet. The remember function is NOT turned on. C-Note Richards.

Trezor Suite only generate/suggest a new and fresh address when you Receive coins. When you Send coins out of your wallet, you specify the Recipient’s address yourself in a blank field. But if you have BTC in different addresses you should search the blockchain with your wallet account’s Public key so you can see all the different send and receive addresses in your account.

To see your BTC account’s Public key, go to Accounts → BTC → Details → Public key (XPUB) and press the Show public key button.

Please don’t reveal your Public key here/anywhere in public though, as it may be disseminated widely and therefore be privacy intrusive.

More about keys and addresses:

If you have many different addresses containing BTC, you may also want to consolidate them into one by sending everything to yourself. That is, send all to the same account you have now in Trezor Suite.

Hello Petosiris, Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I searched blockonomics with the public key. I found 2 addresses with all BTC accounted for. I would buy you a beer if you were anywhere near Cleveland. All coins were sent from Prime Trust. Not sure why a second address was generated, but it happened. During this “missing BTC” journey, I also learned that multiple BTC addresses are not a bad think. Thank you again ! C-Note Richards

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I’m glad you found all your BTC and everything is in order!

When I wrote about receiving/sending I thought about how Trezor Suite does it. I’ve never used Prime Trust and don’t know what it does and shows when sending, but I guess if you specified that you wanted to send something to yourself, and it knows your Public key, then it could generate a fresh new address to your own blockchain account.

I’m glad I could help. I live in Norway, Scandinavia, so it’s a few thousand miles away from Cleveland in Ohio, but I appreceiate the thought. Thanks anyway! :slightly_smiling_face: