BTC not received to Trezor, please help


I have clicked Receive in Trezor Suite, I confirmed PIN through Trezor HW, address popped up, I checked it on Trezor. I send it to my friend.

Few days later he sent me 0.02421953 BTC, the transaction was confirmed but I haven´t received anything and the address appears to be existing and used by someone!! Did Trezor failed and generated wrong address for me?!

Please help - this is transaction ID: 4b019d9677b1821d9e49432d4f8e3dc870aa4753a7fdcf115ead63c6c152319b

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you checked the address from Trezor Suite against the Trezor screen, right?

did you check it again when you pasted it into the e-mail or chat with your friend?

did your friend check it again before sending the money?

I’m guessing not.

There’s a bunch of places where malware can inject and modify the address. Checking it just in Suite is, to be honest, kind of useless.

The best option would be to take a picture of Trezor screen with your phone (an independent device) and send it to your friend to scan the QR code into their computer.

If you did get attacked by a clipboard stealing malware, there is unfortunately nothing that can be done anymore :frowning:

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