BSC transfers to other wallets

Hey I’m trying to transfer funds in my Trezor MetaMask Config, once the transaction tries to go through it fails, I’m assuming due to the network. Is it possible to do this? Or should I disconnect my Trezor and link it to an account That will only use ETh?

eth or bnb wallet ?
It can be said that I did not understand your situation at all.

I connected my Trezor to MetaMask in the ETH network and I set up the BSC RPC to be able to receive funds in BSC. When I try to move those funds to another wallet the Trezor doesn’t recognize the BSC transaction and the whole thing fails. Trezor even started freezing, my question is is there anyway to fix this? Or must I detach that Trezor from that wallet to recover those funds.

how can this happen ?

Idk that’s why I came here