Briskett wallet with trezor T

Hello community. I used to use this wallet (Briskett) to use XTZ without any problems, but now my Trezor T cannot connect. Now it just doesn’t work, I can’t access my coins. Can you recommend anything?

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Hi @Arian_Jeflea,

it looks like the issue is connected to the combination of the Chrome browser and the older version of Trezor Connect that uses. Please, make sure the Trezor Bridge communication protocol is installed and try to use Firefox browse for connecting Trezor with

Make sure to disable tracking for You can disable it by clicking the “shield” icon after you access in Firefox and switching off the “Enhance tracking protection” button:

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This helped, thanks. In the future, if this wallet (Briskett) stops working, I can access my Tezos simply by entering the Seed phrase on another wallet, right?

Great to read it helped!

I can confirm that you can use recovery seed generated by Trezor device in other wallets (from different manufacturers) if the wallet supports the BIP39. The majority of other hardware and software wallets support this standard.

Please, keep in mind that recover seed should be entered into software wallets only in emergency situations because it can compromise your seed as these software wallets don’t store your seed offline as hardware devices.


Hello just wondering if briskett is still working for trezor?

tzstats api is offline so it does not load data

I just tested it, works fine for me on Linux Mint with Chromium Browser.

Hi @Astridharu,

I can confirm that is working as expected. They updated Trezor Connect to v9, so there should be no issue accessing it via Chrome. If you want to access it via Firefox, make sure Trezor Bridge is installed correctly. Trezor Bridge can be downloaded at Trezor Suite