Brave Wallet/Exodus + Trezor?

Does Trezor (Safe 3) work with the Brave wallet or Exodus like with Metamask?
Desktop, Windows
Specifically, the networks: SOL, OP, MATIC, ARB.
I couldn’t find any recent info about it.

You can pair your any Trezor with MM and Exodus, Brave is not officially supported but it works too.

SOL is supported in Trezor Suite, other networks via 3rd party wallets like Metamask.

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AFAIK, Exodus doesn’t support the Safe 3 model yet.

Can I have my Trezor One paired with Exodus AND Brave?

Does Trezor One support USDT-SOL?
(it’s not on the list of supported coins)
Can I transact with it via Exodus?