[BLOG] Trezor Suite update December 2022

The link to the blog post loads, but then a 500 error displays with a message “Something went wrong …”, unless I turn off AdBlock.

I believe this is related to another issue. Someone has added a script or something at the end of the page (after it’s loaded), both in the forum and in blog posts?

this is the issue on your end unfortunately, link works fine.

It is on Medium, not even on our server.

Sure, but as I said it doesn’t work with AdBlock enabled (in Opera). So it’s not an exclusive issue on my end only, many people may experience this situation.

then it is messing with your connection in general because that is not our website.

I haven’t seen the code so I cannot comment on the issue, sorry. Only that it doesn’t work with AdBlock enabled and it worked earlier without problem.