[BLOG] Trezor Suite update August 2022

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I’ve just updated using the latest firware and I have lost access to all my BTC accounts under Legacy Segwit. Alarming to say the least.
In the previous firmware I would be asked to “enable labelling” which would bring them up. This question is not asked; and it appears that as a result, the accounts are not showing.
Help is needed please.

NB: I did not use a passphrase, I did not use hidden wallets or anything odd. I have tried to reboot and I get told that my TrezorT is open somewhere else … which it was … which I’ve closed … and still no success.

A friend has helped me open the old-trezor wallet, which is showing my BTC accounts (unlabelled) but not my XRP. It solves the immediate problem but not the ongoing issue.

A ticket has been lodged.

About your Ripple (XRP), have you enabled/activated them in your Trezor wallet?