[BLOG] Save bitcoin with DCA in Trezor Suite

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) comes to Trezor. Start saving now with Trezor hardware wallet.



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Saving BTC every month with the Dollar Cost Average (DCA) method is great – if you have money to spare every month, that is.

As for me, I usually don’t have money to spare every month when money comes in to my bank account, only sometimes, and then this method doesn’t work for me. Besides, since I follow the market closely, I’d rather take the opportunity to buy when the price is low, if I have money.

But great feature for those who want to HODL coins every month automatically, without having to think about it. :+1:

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I’ve read it’s inadvisable to make many micro transactions on a Trezor (or any HW) due to the work it makes the HW do if you then want to send the sum of those coins to another wallet. Firstly, is this true? And secondly, if it is, what’s the recommended minimum transaction? Say you were DCA’ing ever week, would it be better to store in a hot wallet until a few buys add up and then send to cold storage?

I can see my post moved here… fair enough, but it’s not about DCAing via Trezor, it’s about transaction sizes.

Hi @rudyblue

There is practically no limit when it comes to signing komplex transactions (with many inputs/UTXOs) on Trezor as it has transaction streaming implemented.
RAM of the device always holds only certain size of the transaction at one moment (the size that the RAM can process without any problem) that’s why the size of the transaction that can be signed is theoretically unlimited.

Thus the only negative impact is that having many TXs will cause longer account discovery(loading) and also longer signing process. So there is no need to worry when it comes to DCA’ing.

Also if you wish to for example consolidate the transaction you can now use CoinControl feature directly in Trezor Suite: you can manually select the UTXOs you want to spend.

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@MichalZ, do you know how much RAM Trezor One and Trezor T have and/or the approximate number of UTXOs the RAM allows before it’s full?

Also, I wonder if Trezor Suite will present an error message in the future when the RAM gets full, or is this already implemented in CoinControl, at least? I haven’t used CoinControl since I never send out any BTC, only receive into my Trezor. :slight_smile: