Bitcoin transaction stuck for 0ver 48 hours, clicked finalize by accident

Using the original Trezor and the web suite, I did a somewhat large transaction at normal fee and it estimated an 11 hour wait.
24 hours later decided it was stuck.
I accidentally clicked finalize so i believe there is no way to bump the fee now.
I’m into day 3 and would just like to cancel and start over if possible.
2 other transactions, a large and a small, have gone through without issue to the same address so i believe I did everything right except for the accidental finalization.
Is cancelling the transaction possible?
Any suggestions?

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hi did your transaction go through

i am in 24 hours and transaction still says pending

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Took me a while to find the long timer here who explained that it would eventually kick my coin if nobody was going to process it. This forum is a bit hard to find answers.
To answer your question, it took about 77 hours but it eventually went through with a my undersized fee (which was under the normal setting) lesson learned: be prepared to pay the bump

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Hi @RD400 and @kabi1234,

@RD400 it is good to read that your transaction was successfully completed. If the transaction is pending for a longer time, you can easily bump the fee with the RBF (Replace By Fee) feature. Information on how to use this feature can be found at

The RBF feature is enabled by default. Please, do not click “Finalize transaction” if you are going to bump the fee of the transaction as clicking this button will disable the RBF feature. Then the only option on how to bump the fee (with the RBF feature disabled) is the CPFP (Child Pays For Parent) method, which is more complicated and cannot be used by the sender if the transaction does not have a change address in outputs.