Bitcoin Transaction not showing in Trezor Suite but is showing in Exodus app

Used Exodus app to transfer $5 of BTC from Exodus to Trezor, using the address (nested segwit) provided by Exodus. Transaction shows up in Exodus but not in the Trezor Suite app.

Any ideas why?

Bump - is there an issue with the Trezor Suite app recognizing Nested SegWit addresses? I noticed the receive address the Trezor Suite app provides for this wallet is a Native Segwit address.

Hi @Kigiin
Native SegWit accounts are displayed in Suite by default.
If you have sent your funds to P2SH please add this type of account manually as shown on the screenshots below:


Thanks, but when I add a P2SH account, how do I then get that $5 to show up in it, or can’t I since the funds weren’t sent to that address?

If you have previously sent your BTC to address derived from Trezor’ recovery seed (and passphrase if used) even via third party interface (such as Exodus) you have to see it in Trezor Suite if you use same seed and passphrase.

So the question is, when you generate receiving address in Trezor Suite does it match the one where you have previously sent your funds to? If not, you are accessing different wallet.