Bitcoin pending after 24 hours despite 7 hour estimate & bump fee wont work

my btc is pending after 24 hours. i tried clicking bump fee. nothing works. its still pending. the transaction isnt confirmed. i checked more data.

the new estimate is 11 hours. i checked after work. its 12 hours. i checked again, its going on 13 now. very annoying.

i have had great experience with trezor but this is not cool… what can i do?

Please kindly understand that Trezor is not in charge for the global Bitcoin economy. Supply and demand control the market conditions, the Trezor developers have no impact on this.

Got it.

My concern is that, I can’t bump fee. No warning either. I have read several times and that it will reject if unconfirmed after 48-72 hours. I have read it can just stay pending.

I checked last night. It gave a 7 hour eta. 11 hour 45min, 12 hour 30min. It’s 13 hours + now.

If at least there’s a warning. I didn’t change Any prompts. I left it be. I thought 7 hours is fine. I will sleep and it will be competed. I am concerned about going into the weekend.

There’s no way this will be a currency. Way too long and complicated. My bank is slow AF. This is ridiculous.

Any suggestions or advice on bump fee?

When I started in crypto something similar happened to me.
I quickly realised that: if you don’t ‘enjoy’ big fees and loooong transaction times (like hours to days), then avoid BTC (and ETH isn’t much better)

If you want speed/low fees, use just about any other blockchain. (not BTC or ETH)
If you want reasonable speed, privacy and low fees, then monero is the one.
If you care for none of these above, BTC/ETH are your chains.

Needless to say, I almost NEVER use BTC or ETH anymore.
no doubt many will disagree with me, BUT we are all entitled to our own views.

Thanks for the response.

I am actually a bitcoin maxi. Is the username a giveaway? :joy:

A buddy is a CS major and software Dev. He got me into bitcoin about seven years ago. I just HODL and accumulate. I acquire both blue chips and select Alts. No DEGEN plays.

The same buddy suggested I frequently check dry recovery randomly. It FAILED. WTF? I retried.

Prompt “valid but not for this device.” :expressionless:

Wtf? I only have one trezor. My buddy suggested sending it to another wallet, wipe trezor, and recover the wallet, and resend it to trezor after.

I sort of wished I left it alone but I could lose everything if a firmware requests update.

It’s been a headache. No clue what happened. Upon plugging in my trezor, it says in activity “new wallet created?” no clue what’s going on.

BTW my eth transfer was instant. It sucks with morons starting wars and spooking the market. Worse a low fee is now super slow. If it was as simple as buying more btc just to pay miners to push it through, I would asap.

Lessons learned.

has anyone got hold of your trezor and messed with it?
Like tried the PIN many times or tried to reset it?

Either way if the seed doesn’t work, I’d transfer the BTC etc somewhere else and reset the trezor.
Or maybe buy a new trezor and more it there?