Bitcoin NFT's on Trezor

I need to know if I can send Bitcoin NFT’s to my Trezor wallet ?
Can I send
1 - Bitcoin Stamps
2 - Bitcoin Ordinals

What do I need to know beforehand ?


@pseudononymous not entirely sure you shoud do some research but:

I think, if not mistaken, a ordinal/inscription can be sent as a regular transaction as it is a UTXO on chain, so you can send it to suite.
It won’t be visible as a jpeg only as a transaction. To my understanding, please do research or wait for others take on this mayter.

I know that is compatible (great desktop wallet)

Also Xverse (wallet made by stacks l2 project for Bitcoin) is also compatible and I think the the ordinal/inscriptions are visible on this wallet.

Hope this helps

Remenber to research this topic so you don’t lose any assets… this is still very recent