Bitcoin 'change' being send to a new address

I just send some sats to a 3rd party address. My understanding is that the ‘change’ UTXO should be returned to my original address. However, what happened was that a new address was created and the change is being send there. I still have control over this new address, as I can see the right amount of BTC on my Trezor Suite. Yet, I am puzzled on why a new address is generated instead of sending the ‘change’ back to my original address.

Any feedbacks are much appreciated.

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Thanks for reaching out. Don’t worry, what you’re experiencing is normal behavior. In a transaction, any remaining balance after sending the desired amount to the recipient is sent to a newly generated change address in your wallet. This is done for privacy and security reasons: constantly reusing the same address would expose all your transaction history to an observer, and would make coin management inside your wallet very confusing.

Please read our article What is a change address for more details.

I hope this answers your question!

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Thanks for clarifying!