Binance withdrawal confirmed yet to arrive on my Trezor-T

Hi all.
I have withdrawn from my binance account and the transaction is confirmed (I can see it Transaction | Cardano Explorer).
After 3 hours it isn’t yet arrived on my Trezor-T.
I opened a ticket on Trezor T support with the transaction ID and the address (it is surely correct as I can check it on and it shows the right amount of ADA except for this last transaction).

Is it possible that more than 3 hours and 592 Confirmations are needed?


Hi @Taifu,

Yes, I wouldn’t be surpriced if it takes more time than that, although the blockchains are different and mining chains like BTC and LTC (and ETH before) usually takes longer time than others. I have some ADA myself, but I don’t remember how long it took to receive them.

Hi Petosiris,
well, 14 hours and 2300 confirmations are a lot and yet no ADA in my TrezorT.

I wrote the transaction ID and the address into Ticket ID 147882.

The transaction is confirmed and the address is right.

Yesterday I transferred ETH, BTC and ADA from binance and only ADA got lost.

What may have happened?

Thank you.

@Taifu what is the receive address of ADA that you see in Suite now?

Ok, at last the ADA arrived on my TrezorT… After 2797 confirmations and 17 hours.

I was scared, I must admit.