Bech32 addresses in Trezor Suite

Trezor Suite uses Bech32 addresses for Bitcoin by default. Also known as ‘Native SegWit’, these addresses start with bc1.

Sending Bitcoin from a Bech32 address can reduce transaction fees over other address types, as Bech32 transactions usually result in a smaller transaction size.

Bech32 addresses are not visible in the current production wallet,, only in Trezor Suite.

Check out this blog post for more information about the different Bitcoin address types and why they exist: Bitcoin addresses and how to use them.

Hello, @kolin. Thank you for the above information.

Quick question if you don’t mind: Will support be coming on the web wallet ( for Bech32 addresses?

I’m new to the crypto field, but still quite technically adept. And, I must admit it is quite confusing and concerning to switch between interfaces that – at least appear to – resolve the same service and see different accounts with different balances.

Thank you!

Trezor Suite is about to become our main user interface to manage your crypto holdings and all new features will be always available in Suite. Trezor Wallet will stay around for some time, but the main focus is heading towards the Suite. For these reasons we are not going to implement Bech32 addresses to Trezor Wallet.

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