Banxa sell issues?

Has anyone used Banxa recently to succesfully sell BTC or ETH? Last week I sent a sell order to them using Trezor Suite (powered by Invity and clearly endorsed by Trezor as a vetted “partner” it seems to me) but I now seem to be stuck with nothing - Banxa have my assets, and I have had strange KYC/AML personal data identity verification requests for a different order number over an insecure channel from what purports to be their compliance team. Support at Banxa have not reverted to me yet other than by automated emails. My assets appear to be lost…or else Banxa are just being crap. They were fine and prompt when I bought ETH from them via Trezor but now converting assets back into cash seems to be a stopper for them, or the transaction channel has been subverted and I am a victim of theft.

Hi @nat,

I would like to put your mind at ease, the processing time of the trade can take hours or even a few days before the trade is successfully completed.

If you still haven’t received your funds, please reach out to support via the chat speech bubble in the bottom right corner on the following page:

Once you will get your ticket number let me know here.

We’ll need you to provide details about the trade.


I think i was scammed by banxa, i made an order about week ago, but still did not recive any fund on my bank acc. whats the worst, that no one from banxa is communicate with me. so i am resigned to not seeing my btc or money anymor.
Worst service ever

Hi @Michelbluntgelo,

I would like to put your mind at ease, you certainly haven’t been scammed. There is most likely some other issue with your trade. I noticed that you already opened a ticket with our official support. One of our agents will help you to solve your issue with the trade.