Assistance regarding wallet theft

I have recently been hacked and the police is requiring some information:

  1. The wallet ID
  2. The transfer addresses of the withdrawals.
    Can anyone help me with how to get this info so that I may provide to the police?
    Thank you,

Ticket ID:ID: 190887 My Trezor Model T was hacked and totally drained all my retirement and a heritage, 6+BTC. Support writing back and forth investigated, but their conclusion someone got their hands on my seed and cloned the wallet. This is impossible because the seed is only handwritten in a safe, and only I have access to it. I reported it to the local police and to the FBI. Perhaps someone inside Trezor is cleaning out large accounts.
In 2022 Trezor was unsafe, hackers found ways with phishing emails to access the “save” hard wallets.
Recently Ledgers got hacked as well - there is no save hard wallet.

Get in touch with Trezor support immediately and the information you are looking of is located in Suite, click on your name on the top right corner and look for history.

Hi @Marz,

There is nothing like an ID of a specific Trezor HW wallet. Is it possible that they are asking for transaction IDs (txIDs)? Or maybe the addresses from which your funds have been stolen. This information can be found under the transaction history of the accounts that have been drained:

  1. select the “Accounts” tab and the “Overview” section

  1. click on the unauthorized transaction in question:

  1. copy the txID and paste it to the blockchain explorer of the relevant cryptocurrency (for example for BTC)

In the blockchain explorer, you will see your address from where the funds have been stolen and also the destination address where the funds have been sent.