Are trezor wallets sold by legit?

Hello there,

Are Trezor wallets sold by legit?
Here are the product numbers (I’m not allowed to post links):
8779988 (model one which has higher price than on your site)

9038543 (model T, with the same price as yours)

These ones are from brand SatoshiLabs, which seems legit. There’s one more which seems odd (but only for model T):

Could you please check whether trezor wallets sold here are also coming directly from you?
Please note that I didn’t order it, so I don’t have an actual unit to show you.
Thank you very much for helping me.
Best wishes,

Hello strange_interference,

Firstly, a big thank you for your diligence and for bringing this to our attention. It’s members like you that help keep our community informed and safe.

We’re pleased to confirm that is an authorized supplier of Trezor wallets. As a general precaution, always ensure that the security seal on any product you receive is intact and hasn’t been tampered with.

We understand the importance of ensuring that our customers receive genuine products, and we’re grateful for your diligence in this matter. We have just now, updated our list of authorized suppliers to reflect this and to provide clarity for other customers.

Thank you again for reaching out and for your commitment to the Trezor community. Your efforts help us maintain the trust and integrity of our brand.