Apparently the Trezor Model T was hacked. I want a refund!

I just saw a video on youtube of a cybersecurity firm cracking a Trezor Model T wallet and extracting the seed. I can’t even believe that even after that Satoshi labs continued to sell the model T!!! I just purchased one 6 months ago and now I have to either get a Tangem or a Safe 3. I feel like everyone who bought a Trezor Model T after this explot was revealed to them should get a full refund or at LEAST be given 2 Trezor Safe 3’s to make up for the fact that they KNOWINGLY sold us vulnerable wallets!!

I urge everyone else who has a model T who purchased it after this hack happened to post here and demand that satoshi labs make this right. How on earth could they continue selling the device when they knew it had a vulnerability like that? The app doesn’t mention anywhere that if you don’t put a passphrase (therefore forcing you only be able to use the hidden wallet) then your device can be hacked. anyways it’s no different than any other wallet at that point! Why would I pay you $200 for a wallet that’s harder to use!?!

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