App Trezor Break

Hi, how have you been?

I am have some problems with my app Trazer One, when it’s connected start to a break on mouse and all apps in my notebook. And when i close Trezor app all comeback to normal. How i must act?

Hi @jonasserafin,

Please clarify, do you use an app called “Trazer One”? If so it’s not an official app. As far as I know, there are only one official app from SatoshiLabs (who make the Trezor devices) and that’s Trezor Suite Light. Please avoid using any other apps on your phone. There are many scammers out there.

In addition to the phone app, there are two other official ways to use your Trezor device: Trezor Suite for desktop and Trezor Suite Web site. You can also connect and use your device from a 3rd party site, like MetaMask for instance, but you’d need one of the others I mentioned in addition.

Maybe you meant that you use the Trezor One device?

Hi, @Petosiris

So trying to clarifying, yes, Trezor Suite for desktop. My notebook is a 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-12450H 2.50 GHz, with RAM of 16,0 GB (utilizável: 15,7 GB). When i start Trezor Suite for desktop my notebook start to brake. When i close Trezor Suite for desktop, my notebook go back to normal.

What is it like when your desktop “start to break”, can you explain the symptoms you’re seeing? And does it happen while you’re using Trezor Suite, or only when the program is starting up?

It’s not uncommon to experience short-time disturbence in your general PC environment, from other programs during their startup, depending on how much resources the program use and your PC’s performance ability to handle concurrent resource management.

I haven’t analyzed Trezor Suite for desktop to see how much RAM it uses and what’s going on exactly during startup, but I’ve noticed that the program use upto 5 minutes to start on one of my older laptops and it affects both sound and image display on the desktop, so Trezor Suite is definately a resource hog during startup.

However, if the “break” continue to happen while you use the program, after it has started, then the situation is more severe and the cause is probably different too.