Anyone know why XRP is not supported on trezor

Anyone know why XRP isn’t supported on trezor

XRP is supported on the newer Trezor Model T.

it was like literally 5 days ago. It was the whole reason i got a model one over the suite. because it said they both supported xrp. Now when i get my model one, nah not supported anymore! so fucking stupid

It has never been supported on Model One, nor is it advertised anywhere on our page.

Before i ordered my model one I check which coins were supported. I saw xrp WAS supported. Now they take it off right when I get my model one? really? You can look on wayback machine and see it was supported for the model one too. this is why I got the model one over the suite, i wouldve got a suite if i knew it would just be taken off.

please, share a screenshot of this

Also, please do not open new posts for the same topic.

Nevermind, My mistake

it has never been supported because of technical limitations of Model One, you can find other posts about it on Reddit for ex. from years ago.

I am looking on waybackmachine as we speak from the day you ordered and there is nothing mentioning XRP on Model One. If you can share a screenshot that would point the mistake please share it.

There is Model One and Model T, Suite is the SW to control your Trezor, coins depend on the model of device not the Suite/SW you use.

@awesome if your Trezor is unopened, mention this in the ticket and you can return for a refund.

yeah kinda gutted when i set mines up there now to find out it doesn’t support XRP

only reason i got it…


If you had checked the Supported coins list before you ordered you’d have seen XRP (6th coin from the top) wasn’t supported by Trezor model One.

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Didn’t check the Supported coins list either because I wouldn’t have thought that one model would support it and not the other one. Totally my fault. Now the device is useless. Why would it be supported on a model at 200$+ and not on a more cheap and accessible one ?

explained in this topic above.

Well you only say because of technical limitations, that’s a bit too general. I mean Trezor rushed on the opportunity of L***** “mistake” with promo and full comms but you couldn’t find a way in 5+ years to add 2 of the TOP 10 coins in the market ? Even XLM is not well supported on Suite. Without talking about HBAR and Vechain. More shitcoins than real utility coins that’s sad. Anyway, thanks for the quick answer.

The hardware limitation of Model One more specifically

Hi, is it a question of memory? thanks

ok sooo I landed here along the other people who mistakenly bought the trezor ONE expecting xrp support, the following page should be changed somehow to indicate that the model of wallet will support specific coins natively, at a glance on the page …
I read “Native support in Trezor Suite” and see xrp under it which if you are not careful (in my case and others above) and don’t read the " Check [/coins ] for a complete list of supported crypto assets and compatible wallet applications." will think that “trezor” natively support xrp hence the mistake, I will not be recommending this wallet for the misleading “native support” now I have a piece of junk ready for electronic recycling! thanks!

I have exactly the same problem, that i have a Trezor Black and i need to have XRP on the wallet. Can i return and get the compatible model?
Secondly i find it discombobulating that a warning is not given. potential customers should be able to triple check that the tokens they wish to store ARE supported by the device. What a huge waste of time to get the device and then spend hours finding that it is not compatible.
Talking to the wind

I don’t really understand why people are upset on this topic.
Any hardware wallet your considering buying, I/you always look carefully at the supported coins/tokens.
Triple check it’s going to cover the ones you want before buying.
That’s what i did and probably most others.
Not trezor’s fault really, the list is there, read it.