Any problem with Trezor Password Manager?

sorry, yes you are correct. Only the dropbox can be used with TPM now.

But it does not change the fact that if you have the file backud up you can go to previous version or migrate elswhere.

That is true but again, this is not helpful. That was the original post about indeed and we fixed that.

Thats why i made a seperate post, just to know what the status is.
What good is a pw file when we can’t read it anymore?
Anything in the pipeline for the password manager?
Any other solutions because we are just one security change aways from disaster…

you can, why you would you not?

Ok we back to this question then.

Explain me how to read the pw file if dropbox decides to stop the plugin from accessing their website like Google did…

I think the concerns here is that @tr1lsy and me (I believe other users that depend on TPM) that if dropbox somehow suddenly stops supporting, then we are only left with the .pswd file, which cannot be read without accessing the TPM app on web browser.

This is also my concern just now when my issue wasn’t solved yet. I would like to know how to read the .pswd file if the app suddenly stops working. This could happen if:
-dropbox stops supporting the login just like google drive
-chrome/firefox removes the extension due to whatever reason (just like google drive login)

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In my opinion, both labels and passwords should be saved to the SD card in Trezor model T and heavily encrypted backups saved to files on a local harddisk, in the future.

Just my 2 cents.

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I would like to see it implemented in a way that we can read it from the trezor suite locally.

Imagine having no internet but you still need that password in your local office…

To be fair, if suddenly one of the above stops working, it really could mess up a user if the user depends on TPM (l was). I was in total scare and panic few hours ago. I cannot access a lot of things because all my passwords are stored in TPM. I even tried another Trezor device with the same seed to make sure it is not my trezor problem. Not to mention restarts and other attempts.

I asee that TPM has no development for the past few years. I also don’t know if the developers plan to continue moving it to Suites in the near future. But I don’t see it coming soon. If that is the case, I will have to resolve to plain text passwords in my local disk, no choice. Another failed access to TPM is too much for me.

an option is to encrypt your csv files yourself, so you don’t store them in plain text. then if you need them if there is no other way to access TPM, you can import to any password manager, most of them support csv

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I also think that @tr1lsy’s proposal is important. What is the point of a password manager? Safe and convenient!
If the team at trezor could write another application that reads pswd files locally on your computer, then TPW would be perfect. You don’t even need a full platform, you only need to support the win10 system, and other systems can install win10 in the vm to access their own local backup pswd files.
pswd has achieved safety and convenience, so why can’t it make users more safe and convenient, and have to export csv files one by one?


Exactly, i got over 150 logins stored already in my PWM. Exporting them 1 by 1 and approving the export every single time, encrypting them, storing the encryption key somewhere again unsafe defeats the whole purpose Trezors PWM is. Easy of use and connvenient.

I would like some news or update from a Trezor team member besides people on the forum.

Roadmap? goals? Dead in the water? I need to look for another password mananger?

Even if a local PC application version can be released, it will be a long, long time. Look at the speed of trezor’s Android app development, and you will understand.