Any problem with Trezor Password Manager?

Is there any problem with the password manager now? I can still used it yesterday but today suddenly when login (with Chrome) and login via Dropbox, it keeps on reload and ask me to confirm on device , or it will say that I am new and there is no password anywhere.

If using Chrome login using Google Drive it will say sensitive and it has blocked the password manager.

Anybody else facing the same issue?

I can still see the .pswd file in my dropbox account but the password manager app just says that I am new, or it will keep on loading and ask me to confirm login multiple times on my Trezor T device

Yes i have the same, it is in a loop… also created a post :frowning:

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thank you for replying, at least I know the problem isn’t on my side

Waiting for a support’s reply. If the app has a problem, I would like to know how to decrypt the password via .pswd file. All my passwords are there and I urgently need to access them.

ok, i got it back to working. I turn off protection and firewall of my Eset security and that seemed to do it…

Do we have any backup solutions yet for password mananger? What if tomorrow dropbox says no more? We lose everything?

I tried to turn off windows defender etc and the loop is gone. But I don’t see any password, is like a new account. Are you using dropbox + chrome?

Did you back up the pw file? Because when you said yes start new during the loop it overwrites your pw file. You need to check versions of that file in dropbox, see if you can put back a version from before the loop


That did the trick.

Thank god, you are my saint! I was in so much panic just now. When I realised something wrong just now, I immediately copy the .pswd file from dropbox to my disk. And thank god I did that before I click “I am new” on the password manager so I have the backup file. Now I can access them again.

Indeed, now thinking about this scares me. The password manager app seems a bit unreliable after today’s experience

I use Trezor password manager because it is secure but now I am not sure anymore

I have the same feeling, google drive dropped and it is still shown as an option in the password manager. I would love to see the team move this app to the trezor suites…

True. Waiting for the team’s reply

For now I have no choice but to export the csv file which means all my password will be in plain text in my disk. But I have to do this now to avoid any problem in the future

Yea i’m not a fan of this either, the export is in plain text… security kaka :smiley:

Today i was scared crazy because i couldn’t get to my passwords, trezor stayed in a loop and it was just not loading my password.
Luckily i found out that it was my Eset security app that decided today is the day you realise again (google drive was the first time) that it could be over any day.

So where is the love for the password manager?
What backup do we have when dropbox suddenly also decides it will follow the google route and block it?

I’m sure i’m not the only one but every password is locked up with my trezor and when it breaks it scares the * out of me.

Exporting as backup is just everything in plain text which is a big security no no!

So again, where is the love for the password manager?
Will this be implemented with trezor suites so the file can be read locally and is not depending anymore on cloud services…

@forgi Why did you merge the 2 posts? This problem post has been solved yes, but my feedback and request on what is the status of the password manager deserves a new post because here there will be no replies van the team. :frowning:

Seems the password manager is just forgotten…

it is still the same issue, no need to open duplicate topic. Thank you for your feedback.

For now, I recommend backing up your password file.

Can the password file be read anywhere else if dropbox fails?

see the section How to migrate to different service:

Either i have missed something or you not up to speed on the password manager. :smiley:

It is not about backing up the file, it is about accessing your passwords, the google drive option was stopped a while back because of a security change at google, so there is only dropbox left.
Unless trezor got it working again on google drive, migrating is not the solution. We are down to one cloud service and if that stops working we lose access to all our passwords.

So again my question, can the password file be read outside a cloud service in case it stops working?

only the chrome extension has been discontinued, both Drive and Dropbox still work. And as said even if both stop working you can migrate as long as you have the file.

ok explain me how to access my passwords without the plugin because it seems we talking about different things… :smiley: