All backends are down

Because I was unable to log in before, I used recycled seeds to restore to other wallets and did not display the BTC and zec of the sub account Now that I can log in, I will log in again and display “All backups are down”. After restoring the factory settings, I will use the recycled seeds to restore and display:

Discovery error

Accounts were not loaded properly

Bitcoin: All backends are down

Zcash:All backends are down

Hi @snowtao9,

First, try resetting the Trezor Suite. You can reset Trezor Suite in “Settings” (gearwheel symbol in the top right part of Trezor Suite). Navigate to the “Application” tab and select “Reset app”.

If it doesn’t help, please try to uninstall your Trezor Suite desktop application, download the latest installation file from this source and install it again.

May I also ask you if you are able to connect to the web version of Trezor Suite? The web version can be found here: Trezor Suite

Please note that you need Trezor Bridge installed on your computer for the web version. You can download it from this source: Trezor Suite
(use supported browsers for the web version of Trezor Suite - Chrome and Firefox)

Unable to connect to the web version of Trezor Suite.
Restoring factory settings still doesn’t work.

After uninstalling the Trezor Suite, reinstalling it will be normal.

Thank you.

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