Airdrops via Xumm or XRP-Toolkit...with READ ONLY connection. Is it possible?

Is it possible to get airdrops (as an XRP holder, with it on a Trezor) when it is connected to either Xumm wallet or XRP-Toolkit by READ ONLY functionality.
I have both Xumm and XRP-Toolkit enabled, can correctly see my balance, but if I try to add token details for an upcoming airdrop (like Solo, in December, for example) it refuses to do it.
I am absolutely NOT prepared to connect to either Xumm or XRP-Toolkit in a non-read-only manner which requires giving out my keys.

Is there a way around this that does NOT require me to move my XRP from my Trezor, or to connect by a NOT read-only method, thus yielding my keys?


Connecting to xrp toolkit in a read and write manner does not require you to give out your private keys at all! Its just like on your trezor, that you have to confirm transactions on it when you do something on the trezor suite app… any transaction or anything you do on xrp toolkit has to be confirmed on your xumm app via a qr code, so your keys never leave your real wallet, xrp toolkit is just an interface for your wallet. About using your trezor with xrp toolkit, right now its not possible but I am patiently waiting for them to add support! To claim airdrops you need to set up trustlines with the issuer but on trezor there is no way to do it currently… they really should add this as its not an additional feature, its literally a core fuature of the xrp ledger