After getting a second Trezor Model One to have as a spare replacement

After getting a second Trezor Model One to have as a spare replacement can I install the latest firmware and leave it at that? Meaning, get a brand new Model One, install latest firmware and stop there?

I would like to have the spare device with up to date firmware, ready to go if I need to recover my original Model One to it.

Or do you need to install firmware, setup new wallet then leave it. Then when needed, wipe the device and recover my first Model One to it?

Hope this makes sense.

If you want the new Trezor One device to become a backup of your current Trezor One, then you’ll need to setup the new Trezor One completely, with the Recovery seed you used to setup your current one. That way, both are identical and points to the same coins and tokens. So if you should lose or damage one of your Trezors in the future, you have a backup already in the other.

Thank you. Makes sense.
Just seemed a little strange to have 2 wallets setup with the same seed simultaneously. But of course you could have as many wallets as you like setup with the same seed, right?

Yes, that’s right. Just remember to use the same Passphrase for any Hidden wallets - if in use.

Yes I will, thanks again.

All of this would apply to the Model T as well, right?

So long as you don’t mix models, because the two models don’t have the same features and seed length. Use a Model T as a backup for another Model T, or use a Model One as backup for another Model One.

Right, will stick to Model T with Model T and Model One with Model One.

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