Address verification error: Passphrase is incorrect v 22.6.4

I have a base wallet and a base account. The hidden account has a pass code and it works. The main account does not have a passcode. When I try to access the man account Trezor suite does not ask for a passcode. When I select “Send” I get the error “Address verification error: Passphrase is incorrect”


I got exactly the same message today. Everything worked perfectly just one week ago. There was however a Trezor suite update that i performed today version 22.6.4, Can the Trezor team check this out, i cant perform any transaction at the moment.

me too. i dont have any passphrase.
Since update i cant move funds

same, i dont have any passphrase.
Tech support help please

Since the last update (v 22.6.4) I cannot make transactions from the main account, it does not have a Passphrase, I place the pin correctly and it shows the message: “Address verification error: Passphrase is incorrect”

Please help i cant make transactions

@here please, describe the exact steps you are making when getting this error, are you actually entering standard wallet?

What device firmware version are you running (see settings, device, firmware)?
Is this Trezor One or Model T? What is the operating system?

What coins are you trying to send, does this affect every coin?

Try web version to see if the issue persists:

In the Trezor app I’m getting an error when it attempts to access Cardano

" Discovery error

Accounts were not loaded properly

Passphrase is incorrect"

Using I can access it, just cant via the app :frowning: Windows or Mac

I have also encountered the “Passphrase is incorrect”. Seems to be a Suite bug. A workaround is to go to wallets selection and click “Forget” (the “eject” icon), then re-add the wallet.


Using standard wallet, firmware 2.5.1 on Model T. Operating system is Windows 10, OSX Monterey 12.4.

I was able to access Cardano via the web version.

Still getting error on the Trezor app

reset app storage.
works for me