Address are missing

I rebooted my PC and surprisingly, my address are missing. The imported from Trezor are now different when I connect my hardware wallet (T-One) to MetaMask. Using Standard and Passphrase. Not sure what happened here. I’m using MetaMask. How’s that possible? Already tried in other browser, but Trezor generated different address. So all my assets are now gone? I thought having hardware wallet is secured.

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Hi @btgomez3

If you are using same device (same seed) then the only possible reason could be the passphrase feature.

Please note that once the passphrase feature is activated on the device, you can provide any input of your choosing and it will be used to generate a completely new wallet. To access this hidden wallet repeatedly, you will have to use the exact same passphrase in combination with the recovery seed on the device. Using the same seed with a different passphrase will generate a different wallet. Using a different seed with the “correct” passphrase will generate a different wallet.

we have same problem. did you already fix and recover yours?

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is there any way to recover my assets? i had correct recovery seed and i didnt input passphrase during i created my metamask wallet inside the trezor still i dont find my address

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Please, see this post explaining MetaMask accounts.

No, even I input the correct passphrase. I know it is correct because it is written along with my seedphrase and test it several times before I put assets in it.

Are your funds on Ethereum Mainnet? If so do you see desired account in Trezor Suite ?

0x3ec…ed8E9 - Trezor hidden # 1 (From Trezor)

And those are the list of generated accounts using my passphrase. I always save everything.

If you have previously used first ETH address and now when you are trying to access the same address the first one is different then you are accessing wrong wallet. There is no other explanation for that.

Because when the same recovery seed is used and the same passphrase is entered (if enabled and used), the same wallet is accessed. There is no exception. It always generates the same wallet including the same accounts having the same addresses in the same order. The public-key cryptography ensures it generates always the same result.

Suggest viewing my topic as well.
From my point of view the problem is that updates, both - firmware and software, don’t catch the wiki. And information often is in different places that are not connected well. User experience is the proof.
Also, for myself, I decided not to update firmware on a wallet with funds, but rather transfer them to updated new wallet. Only then - make an update.

Hi @MichalZ , having the exact same issue and zero luck fixing it with all your recos on the forum.

Could you DM me please? I can’t seem to message you for some reason, desperate for help

Hi @jvm8
Could you please submit a request using this form and get back to me here with a ticket ID ? Thank you.