Address are missing

then when I hit confirm metamask will freeze

on the screenshot you are in standard wallet in Suite, but hidden wallet in MM? that will be the issue…

still freezes, I appreciate your help on this

what is the address you see in Suite, is the same as the one in MM?

Try to close Suite completely, you don’t need it…use different browser, update your FW and MM too.

Or use MEW as I suggested.

0xB3382ce7526DaDc856Da8E5C928568d123aB7C54 here is my trezor hardware wallet address
and when I access MEW
and here is what MEW is showing me

see, different addresses, because of wrong passphrase…otherwise your 0xB33… would appear there with balance…

If that’s the case will it still be possible to retrieve this wallet?

yes, with a correct passphrase

how many words including the spaces is allowed for a passphrase?

50 characters

I had the same issue guys and I had a happy end.
All of community supporters are saying is what will solve the problem. I’ve created a ticket but solved it by myself. I’ve accidentally ejected one of my hidden wallets and it was already imported on metamask. As I was using another similar password, all day long it was not in front of my face. In a second of mental clarity I’ve decided to try that similar password creating a new hidden wallet and boom! all funds come to me and was visible on metamask after import it. Lesson learnd: remember your password.

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@djgrfx112 see the post above ^^^

i have the same issue are not i just updated my firmware and my hidden wallet is gone for some reason… now cant access my old hidden address im pretty sure im use the same passphrase…

Hi @alon325,

please, check your recovery seed backup matches the recovery seed stored in your Trezor. You can find information on how to perform this check here: Check your seed (Dry-run recovery) - Trezor Wiki

In case you have the right recovery seed stored in your Trezor device, using a different passphrase is the only option how you can create a different wallet (with different addresses) within this recovery seed.

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I’m having the same issue. When I created the wallet originally, 2 years ago, I setup a hidden wallet WITHOUT a passphrase. Now there isn’t even an option in suite to do that.

@forgi I used to be able to access hidden wallets WITHOUT a passphrase, which used to be separate from standard wallets. Now it seems the only options are either ‘hidden wallet with a passphrase’ or ‘standard wallet’. How come I can’t access the ‘hidden wallets WITHOUT passphrases’ anymore?

I’ve accessed this particular wallet numerous times, connecting it to MM and Gnosis on several devices without having to use a password. I got a RSOD shortly after one of the recent updates (Suite/hardware) and since then I have not been able to populate the wallet. Now the new UI doesnt’ even give me the option to view ‘hidden wallets WITHOUT a passphrase’.

Even with the truth in your assessment regarding the zero possibility of a wallet going missing… I believe you, the odds that the software (Suite) isn’t pulling up the proper wallets because of coding (new update) is very much a viable possibility. I should still be able to access ‘hidden wallets WITHOUT a password’. I don’t even have that option anymore.

there is no such thing. Hidden wallet can only be created with a passphrase.

If you did not set up one, then open Standard wallet by leaving the fields empty as mentioned several times in the thread,

it does, in case you already see updated version then it says Standard wallet.

you are free to use any wallet, because you have control of your seed. You can prove this by entering your desired address and signing transaction via any other wallet.

Exactly. When I enter no passphrase in ‘Hidden wallet’, it defaults back to the standard wallet. When I set it up two years ago, I could choose a ‘Hidden wallet’ with NO passphrase.

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this does not exist and never did. Because wallet without a passphrase simply comes from your seed, while hidden wallet is always seed plus passphrase (not an empty one)

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