Additional wallet in a transaction

I sent my BTC from an address like (1…) to an address like (bc1…) and in the transaction for some reason the balance of my wallet went to another wallet also like (1…) although I don’t know this address.
And in the UI of the site it is written that the balance of money on my wallet, although in the blockchain the balance went to another wallet.

I would be very grateful for an explanation

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You should check the destination address on the Trezor screen.

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It went to two addresses, one that I specified and one that I don’t know.

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Sesond address can be your internal “address for the btc rest”. It is ok if the balance of your funds remains in your wallet.

in Bitcoin, a “wallet” and an “address” are two different things. Your BTC went to a different address that also belongs to your wallet*. What Suite says is correct and what the blockchain says is also correct. Look up “change addresses” to learn more.
(thats “change” as in “spare change”)

*) Even more precisely, a “wallet” is the whole collection of all your accounts on all your cryptocurrencies. Under Bitcoin, you can have multiple “accounts”, each of which is a completely isolated collection of “addresses”. Suite will show you balances per account, which is the sum of all the balances of individual addresses.

(To be even more technically precise, an “address balance” isn’t a thing. What you really have is a collection of “unspent transaction outputs”, which is sort of like a collection of individual cheques. These are indivisible, so when you receive, say, 1 BTC, and want to send someone 0.6 BTC, you need to send the remaining 0.4 back to yourself explicitly, otherwise it’s lost. That’s the reason for existence of change addresses.)

I looked and this wallet is not in the list of my activated BTC wallets.

So you mean to say that this wallet belongs to me, but it is not in the list because I haven’t gotten to it yet and that’s why it is not shown in the list of wallets?

I mean to say that this address belongs to you, yes.

You will not see it in the list of receiving addresses. It would be confusing if you did – then you would see a lot of weird incoming transactions. The list of change addresses is hidden.

What’s the purpose of this?

Just conditionally I have 1200$ on my balance and I send 1000$ to another necessary to me purse, and in transaction it is specified that 1200$ has left, where 1000$ has left on necessary to me address, and 200$ on unknown and I do not understand for what it is made and what it causes

You can find the answer in my first reply to you, or on the Trezor Knowledge Base under the term “change address”, which I also recommend in my answer to you.

To make it easier to find, here is a direct link:

Helping out as always, thank you <3