Adding support for Defi coins like BNB & RUNE

Thorchain and the native token RUNE has been a growing platform for years and has become ever so popular as proven by its trading volume (50-100 million $USD daily traded as of 20th Sept 2023).

For BNB and Binance smart chain, similar story; so consumer demand for the storage and trading of Bsc tokens.

The value of the Trezor hardware wallet products depends on the availability of compatible assets that can be stored and traded. Currently Ledger has already enabled support of BNB and Thorchain rune.

If Trezor wants to become more competitive and increase the value of their products for their customers, expanding support for more in demand coins is a must (RUNE and BNB were simply just examples). Thousands of customers would be happier if their tokens could be securely stored with Trezor wallets and they would generate more sales with their purchases. Stop Ledger from stealing your customers!

Hi @stoic,

thank you for your feedback!

I would like to mention that BNB and other tokens on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) are supported by both Trezor Models as all EVMs (Ethereum Virtual Machines) are supported. However, BSC is not currently natively supported in Trezor Suite. It means that you need to use 3rd party wallet that supports BSC and Trezor devices (for example MetaMask).

Information on how to connect Trezor with MetaMask can be found at

You can find a manual on how to connect EVMs in this video:

Thorchain is currently not supported by Trezor devices. You need to use a different wallet for storing cryptocurrencies that use the Thorchain network. We do not have any immediate plans to introduce support for the Thorchain network to Trezor, as other upcoming features have a higher priority.

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Any plans to integrate Rune Thorchain coin on Trezor wallets?!