Adding Astar Network through Metamask?

How do I add Astar on Trezor through Metamask (if it’s even possible)?

I tried to send Astar to my Ethereum address, but I need an ERC-20 Token Address (which doesn’t exist), but there’s EVM support on Ledger AND Etherwallet (and support for Metamask through Etherwallet).

This seems way more complicated than it has to be just to add the token onto my Trezor.

What is Astar? I can’t find it on But if it’s an ERC-20 token you can just send it to your wallet’s Ethereum (ETH) Receive address. It’s not necessary to add the token first, although you can do that too.

Hi @3utt5lut,

Astar is not an ERC20 token, it is EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) network. This EVM is supported in Trezor devices, however it is not supported natively in Trezor Suite. It means you need to use 3rd party wallet (for example MetaMask) to be able to see and manage Astar on the Astar network.

You can find information on how to connect Trezor to MetaMask here: How to use Trezor with MetaMask - YouTube

Remember, you need to send Astar to ETH address that you connect to the MetaMask in this pairing process. You can use the same ETH address you see under your ETH account in Trezor Suite, this address will be displayed in the first position in the list of addresses you see in the step “Select an account”.

In the next step, you need to add the Astar network to MetaMask. Please visit, find “Astar”, select “Add to MetaMask”, click “Approve” and “Switch network”.

You can also find the process (with a different network though) in this video: How to use EVM compatible chains with Trezor - YouTube

After you add the Astar network, you will be able to see and manage Astar coins via MetaMask (stored on ETH address generated and protected with Trezor).