Ada to Trezor T using Adalite ▫

Trying to send ADA to Trezor T from Adalite wallet.

Send addresses don’t show at bottom right , it just says this has been moved to receive tab.

Went to receive tab and used address at top of list , and sent a few coins , verified on Trezor T.

Coins were deducted from total on Adalite , but still shows no transactions on Trezor T wallet.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @bchp8457

Assuming you are trying to move your funds from a standalone (hot) wallet created by a third-party app, different from the one generated by Trezor, otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense.

In the opposite case you would be transferring funds from Trezor generated wallet paired with some app to the same Trezor generated wallet paired possibly with another app.

Anyway, please make sure you follow these instructions properly; Cardano (ADA) - Trezor Wiki If you have any problems with using AdaLite, consider using Yoroi, Exodus, or Daedalus.

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Hello, I bought new Trezor model T and send some ADA to ADAlite, just for my understanding, coins are stored in the network, but access to my coins is via ADAlite, right ? And only with Trezor connected, I do have access to AdaLite right. I’m bit scary sending all my ADA amount to AdaLite, what happens if AdaLite will be closed , or no longer supported, or deleted ? Thanks for your support and help , Peter

Hi @peter_mars, technically, your ADA is always on ADA blockchain. Your Trezor holds your private keys (represented by a seed) that you need for proving ownership of the coins.
If Adalite wallet is out of business, you can also use Yoroi or Daedalus wallets the same way you use Adalite - both are integrated with Trezor as well.

Thx Niyak , so the private key is on my trezor and can be restored with the seed I got while setting up the new trezor ? right ?

@peter_mars yes, as long as you have your seed (representing the private key), you have access to your funds.

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