Actions for compromised seed

I was recently looking at my old LastPass vault (I moved to BitWarden after the compromise last year) and noticed that my seed was in my account. Although I had a pretty decent password and was doing a reasonable amount of iterations, I have seen that attackers are going after these accounts and people have been losing crypto.

That being said, is this a reasonable course of action?

Load my current seed into something like mycillium
Wipe the trezor and generate a new key
Transfer the funds from mycillium back to the trezor with the new key

Hi @Licorice4335,

If you typed your recovery seed into the keyboard (digitalized it), it is definitely recommended to move all your funds to a newly created wallet backed up by a new recovery seed. Information on how to move the funds can be found in this guide:

Please, keep in mind that you should never digitalize your recovery seed (typing into a keyboard, making a digital photo, or scanning it). More information on recovery seed can be found at