Account names, recovery


I’d like to ask a question:

Suppose I have two bitcoin accounts on my trezor named, say, “Savings” and “Kids” with 0.1BTC in each account. Now I buy a new trezor and perform a recovery from the seed of my first trezor (to have two hardware wallets for the same seed), which of these will happen:

  1. There will be no named accounts on the new trezor and it will show 0.2BTC (from those two named accounts in the first trezor).
  2. There will be two accounts with the names from the first trezor (I think this would only be possible if the names were stored on some server of the company making Trezors).
  3. None of the above.

Thanks in advance for your input.


this will happen, if you use Labeling feature you are using it via Dropbox or Drive, that is where your labels are stored, not on our servers.

Thanks for your quick response! What if I don’t use the labelling feature? Excuse my questions, I’m new to Trezor, I bought my first one yesterday and I’m trying to learn as much as possible before setup.

yes, you are, you cannot rename accounts without it.

Regardless of that, when you recover the seed on another wallet you will still see the same two accounts.

OK, I understand.

One final question please: if I use multiple accounts without renaming them (ie. using the default names), what will the recovered wallet on the new trezor look like? One account with all the crypto from those multiple accounts?

As per my previous post, it will be exactly same. 2 accounts, named Bitcoin #1, Bitcoin #2

I’m a bit curious: where is the info about the number of accounts stored in this case, if it’s not using labelling via Dropbox?

Dropbox, Drive or local file on computer

but if you are just asking about the actual numbers, that comes from your seed/private keys, addresses and accounts are derived from it, Suite just displays it.