Account creation in a cold wallet

I am new to Trezor. Would anyone help answer my questions below please? Thanks

  1. Is there any web or PC applications for managing the cold wallet?
  2. Is there any limit on the no of accounts being created under the same wallet?
  3. Is there any batch creation of multiple accounts instead of creating each account manually?
  4. Is there any minimum deposit of any coins to any existing accounts before creating more new accounts?

Hello @Dankwanca4901

1 if it is cold storage you don’t want to mannage, you want to leave cold for as long as possible.
In case of btc I found an app called satspile for IOs a while ago.

I have not tried but it, it would act as a watch only wallet. For a watcht only wallet you would need to input your xpub which can be privacy detrimental.
So my advice is do your own research before trying, or try it out with a small amount from a wallet/account created for this purpose.

2 for this I found: Accounts

The number of accounts supported by Trezor is not limited, but in Trezor Suite, the number of accounts per cryptocurrency is limited to 10

3 Multiple accounts
Couldn’t find if there is a way to generate multiple accounts all at once. I know that btc case you can have access to the list of addresses from that account. Almost sure

4 no I don’t think there is a limit, however I think that the account will only be visible or “permanent” after a deposit. You would also have to have a amount that covers the fee cost to move your funds out whenever you need.
This also depends on which asset we are talking about as the rules change with each protocol.
Ripple ie has a rule that the chain holds 10xrp for the maintaining that account (at least this used to be the way exodus wallet operated)

If you want to have a wallet where you can watch your funds on mobile but keep your keys offline on your trezor then I suggest trying the

Exodus Wallet

Paired with your Trezor


@rimaS Thanks for your quick response. About the multiple accounts, what i wanna do is to create multiple wallet addresses under the same cold wallet device for crypto payment received from clients.
e.g. i like to create 30 x wallet addresses in the cold wallet and send to 30 different clients for them to send crypto payment to me. I know this may not be a wise approach to handle clients payment, but this is currently my company’s way for now.

My understanding is that the “account” here has one unique wallet address in the same cold wallet.
For the 4th questions i posted, the reason why i asked this question was because Ledger Nano X requires a min deposit of a certain amount in order to create more than two “accounts”.

Hi @Dankwanca4901,

your question about multiple accounts depends on what cryptocurrency you want to use. For example, ETH uses so-called “account” model (every account has one ETH address). In Trezor Suite you can have up to 10 accounts for every cryptocurrency. It means that you can’t create more than 10 ETH addresses in Trezor Suite.

BTC on the other hand uses “UTXO” model (every account can have many BTC addresses). It means that you can create thousands of BTC addresses in Trezor Suite. You can use XPUB of your BTC account to see BTC addresses generated by this account. Information on how to display XPUB of an account can be found here:

You can paste your XPUB to blockchain explorer (for example After clicking " Show derived XPUB addresses" you will see 20 standard and 20 change addresses of this BTC account.

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I will be using USDT on TRON and USDT on ETH. In this case, i can only have 10 accounts for USDT(TRON) and 10 accounts for USDT(ETH)? thanks

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Tron network is not supported by Trezor devices. It means that you can’t use your Trezor to store USDT as TRC20 token. However, you can use USDT as ERC20 token (on ETH network) with Trezor.

You can have up to 10 ETH accounts, it means you can have max 10 different ETH addresses in Trezor Suite. To be able to access more ETH addresses derived from your Trezor, you need to use 3rd party application with your Trezor that can generate more ETH addresses. You can use for example, MetaMask. Information on how to connect Trezor with MetaMask can be found here: How to use Trezor with MetaMask - YouTube