Accidentally sent Ordi(BRC20) Tokens to Segwit Adress

Hello, i am not talking about an NFT, I am talking about Ordi tokens (Ordinals)

I made a new BTC Account in my Trezor suite, i choosed the first suggested, Segwit(Bech32).
I was wrongfully thinking, that it works like on ETH. I thought, the Ordi Coins will appear in my Wallet under “tokens” or whatever.
So i sent all the Ordi Tokens from Kucoin to this adress. It is a “bc1” adress. Now there are no Ordi tokens. There is just a tiny amount of BTC, that reached my wallet.

Can i retrieve the Ordi tokens somehow? Or are they lost?


Hi @Robertooo,

Trezor does not support Ordinals or BRC-20 tokens. Please reach out to support via the chat speech bubble in the bottom right corner on the following page:

Once you will get your ticket number let me know here.

We’ll need you to provide details about the transaction and it is now wise to share it publicly here.