Accessing hidden wallet without a Trezor

Hello - this is more of a theoretical at this point, but let’s say I generated a receiving address using a hidden wallet (behind a passphrase), sent money to that address and then I lost my Trezor device.

Can I use the seed and passphrase (both of which I remember) on some software wallet to access my funds? I know I can buy another Trezor device and do this, but let’s assume I cannot order one in a timely manner, or Trezor goes out of business, what are my options to access a hidden wallet without have access to a physical Trezor device?

Thank you.

@horus yes, you can always use your seed + passphrase to access hidden wallet.

There are many other wallets that support passphrase feature.

See more here: Apps - Trezor Wiki

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I do not know how I missed that column on that page that says which ones support a hidden wallet. Thanks!