About the old version of the web wallet

I heard that you plan to close this.
Will the function of designing trezor screen pictures by yourself be retained before you close it?
I am referring to the function of uploading personal pictures to generate screen pictures. Will this function be ported to the suite?
In addition, the QR code image of the public key in the suite is too small. Can you consider providing the function of downloading large images, at least the same size as the QR code image generated by the old version of the web wallet? Pictures that are too small are not conducive to mobile phone scan code recognition.

Hi @BtcLtc

It is already possible to set up and personalize your Trezor device homescreen via Trezor Suite.
Please see following article Suite manual:Homescreen - Trezor Wiki

Also, thank you for your feedback I’ll make sure it will get to our product team. :wink:
In the meantime, at least when using Trezor Suite for web, you can zoom any page (receive tab with QR code included) by using browser tool.


  1. The two of us are not talking about the same thing. The custom screen of the function you are talking about can only be selected in the given gallery.
    I’m talking about this function
    Trezor Homescreen Editor
    Use your favorite pictures to make the screen background.
    Will the function of uploading self-made pictures to trezor as a background be ported to the suite or be continued in the web version of the suite in the future?

  2. I am glad to know that the web version of the suite can adjust the size of the QR code.

Gotcha! Apologies for misunderstanding.
Frankly I don’t know.

Will raise this with our devs and get back to you here as soon as I know more.

@BtcLtc the upload of your own picture is already available in Suite, if that’s what you mean

edit: sorry, I can see it is only available for Model T

will it support trezor one later ?

You can follow the progress on GitHub:


Will this page keep running?