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I have a suggestion for improvement. Recently I saw a topic where the user asked a question, it got answered by Community Support, and then the user edited out/removed the original post so it was empty. This makes it hard for others, who may have searched the forums because they have a similar problem, and found this topic, to know exactly what the problem was and the answer hangs in the air, so to speak.

Long story short: please limit further the amount of time a user can edit/remove his own post. Also, it should be impossible to edit/remove after a reply has been received.

Thank you!

Hi @Petosiris

thanks for the suggestion! Would you be able to find the particular topic where this happened. What you are saying makes sense.

Hi @kolin,

Sorry, I can’t find the thread just now. It may be hidden or removed by a moderator since I saw it last. I didn’t expect you’d ask about that, or else I’d bookmarked it. I thought about linking to the thread in my original post but decided not to, because that’d expose the person who did this and I didn’t think that was relevant, since the issue is more of a general character, I think. Anyway, it was about three days ago and had - at the time - only one reply (from Community Support).

If you want my opinion of how long the edit time should be, I’d say half an hour is sufficient. That’d be enough time to fix any spelling errors and/or add some more relevant information to the topic. I often use 10-15 minutes extra to proof read my own messages and fix spelling errors.

Thanks, no worries. And thanks again for the valuable input. We will take a look at it.

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Thanks, @kolin!

Here’s a recent example.

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Thanks @Petosiris !

Our moderator has actually replied to a topic that has already been “deleted”, so it will remain there for a while until it is completely removed. Generally, if there is a reply, the OP should no longer be able to delete it. We have also shortened the time to be able to delete it if there is no reply, and we will monitor the behaviour to see how it works.

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  1. Please update your coin list and also list the official Cardano wallet as supported wallet: Daedalus.

  2. Please rebrand the ‘SOL’ symbol, since it’s more accepted as Solana now.

Sola Token (SOL) is not the same as Solana (SOL). They’ve used the same coin symbol but that’s where the similarity ends.

Sola Token (SOL) is an ERC-20 token, issued by the Sola Foundation and supported by the Trezor device and the Trezor Suite wallet software. It’s price is $0.00.

See Sola Token (SOL) in Supported coins & tokens list: https://trezor.io/coins/#SOL
See Sola Token (SOL) in Etherscan and on it’s homepage.

Solana (SOL) is issued by the Solana Foundation and is using its own protocol. It’s worth about $160.45 at the moment and it’s not supported by Trezor or Trezor Suite - yet.

See Solana (SOL) in CoinMarketcap and it’s homepage.

Yes I know. So please update your website coin list. Since users will search on AOL, assuming it’s Solana. Nobody is in that random erc20 token.


Sola Token (SOL) is official name and symbol for an ERC20 token, which we support, so it will stay in the list. I suppose Sola Token development team should change the name of their token then. It can’t be us.

No, it’s changed to SOLA. SOL is the official symbol for Solana now. Take also a look at how coingecko for example is handling the SOLA and SOL symbol names.

Sola Token (SOLA) is just a future token of Solana (SOL). SOLA is just an ERC20 token.