Abonos no recibidos

no he recibido en mi billetera trezor 10.600 theter que he mandado desde mi billetra de quantfury, que puedo hacer, donde las busco?

USDT (United States Dollar Tether) are in fact several different tokens, on several different networks. The most commonly used are Bitcoin Omni, the second one is an Ethereum ERC20 token.
These are two different networks, two different assets, and you have to treat them separately. It is not possible to send USDT as ERC20 tokens to USDT Omni network, in a similar way you e.g. cannot send Ether to a Bitcoin address.

USDT ERC20 can be used as a standard ERC20 token with Trezor and our Trezor Suite wallet, through MyCrypto or for example through MyEtherWallet.
Both networks (Omni and ERC20) are supported by the Trezor device.
If your tokens are on the Omni layer, please use the application Trezor OMNI wallet at OMNI Trezor