24 characters revealed during recovery

I did a backup via 2 wallets, however my technician read 24 characters while helping me recovery. I am quite worried. How can I set the security mode so that he does not use these 24 characters to recover a new wallet and use an unauthorized wallet

hi @vnmeta

You have basically two options: create Hidden (passphrase protected wallet) and transfer all your funds from your Standard wallet (that is derived only from your recovery seed) there and never use your Standard wallet any more.

However even better security practice and recommended procedure would be to create new seed and also Hidden wallet and transfer your fund there ASAP.

please see following link and scroll to
You have lost your recovery seed
which is pretty much the same scenario as when your seed gets compromised

also see:

I want private message you. The problem is quite urgent. Please support me.

There are some hidden wallets related to the application, which cannot be changed. Is there a way for me to transfer that entire hidden wallet to another Trezor wallet along with the new passphrase.

Please open a ticket and come back with the ticket ID (it will be in the subject of the confirmation email that you will receive right away).

(Un)fortunately not.
The only way is to create a new wallet and transfer your funds there as described in the wiki article provided.