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The reason I want to use a DEX right now is because I’m eyeing a token which have risen over 230% in one month. It’s still cheap but I think it’s going to continue upwards so I want to secure some of it. The problem is that it’s only available on a DEX, which only does swaps, and there are only a few coins I can swap from to get this token …

All this leads to that I have to buy BUSD stablecoin first (on another exchange, like Binance), then transfer it through the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token to my Trezor, so I have BUSD to use when I swap to the token I want on the DEX which offers that token, after I connect my Trezor to the DEX via Metamask(!)

Puh, it’s not supposed to be easy! :sweat:

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