Sent USDT Using Incorrect Method

Hello. Good Day

I would like to request help with an error I think is relatively uncommon.

I received a USDT receiving address from a client to send money too. I sent a test transfer of USDT 10 to the binance receiving address provided.This worked out fine.

Today, when making an additional transfer to the same address, I seem to have made an error.

As I was sending USDT ERC20, I looked up the old transaction and instead of pasting the address of the user as received, I think I pasted the intermediary address from the previous transaction. The receiver received the first transfer but not the second.

When I look up this “intermediary address” I can see both the transactions under the ERC 20 token transfers tab.

However, I see the two transactions listed with separate method id’s.

Today’s transaction lists method id as transfer. The earlier transactions lists with method id 0xe19c2253

The previous transaction shows in two parts. Part 1, where the tx is listed as a transfer from my tz address to user;s binance address. Method id is transfer.

Then same tx appears as a second one where the method id is 0xe19c2253 and the funds go from my tz wallet to the “intermediary address”

If I understand correctly, part 1 of the tx defines the source and destination, and part 2 converts the coin from usdt to erc 20.

I am not very familiar with these legs of the tx, but this is my general understanding that there is some sort of conversion that happens when the user finally receives the funds in the binance wallet.

Now the issue is that todays transaction was wrongly made to the intermediary address that shows in the second leg of the old transaction instead of the actual binance issued receiving address.

I can see the tokens in that intermediary address but they are listed as “transfer” while the tokens from the first transaction are listed as 0xe19c2253

Is there a way to have the second transaction confirmed or reversed or funds retrieved.

My trezor wallet shows the first 10 USDT transaction as sent and the second one as “transfer” in the account history.

Thankful, if you could please advise on any potential solutions.


Hi @iami,

there is nothing like an intermediary address. You’ve become a victim of a so-called address poisoning attack.

For more information please check this thread: Has my trezor been hacked ?

You can find more information on address poisoning attack in this article: