Safemoon with tokenomics ▫

Any Chance in the future you guys will be adding coins like safemoon and allowing for tokenomics to implemented while holding on your trezor?

Hi @Sea-Mango

SafeMoon is a BEP20 token which means you can use it with Trezor right away. However, BSC network must be set. Learn more

Thank you for your help! Would this work through trust wallet as well?

You are welcome. Generally, this should work with any app enabling you to set up a custom network.

I sent 345,000,000 SAFEMOON to my Trezor from my Binance Chain Wallet and now I can’t find it. I used the setup above for for the BSC network on Metamask but I still cannot see my Safemoon. Any suggestions?

  1. Once you set up BSC network, access the address/account to which coins were sent.
  2. Next, add this token manually by using its contract address 0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31ff0093eeb8c8add8d3 to get it listed.
  3. See how to add a custom token on MetaMask
  4. Then, you need to send some BNB to the same address where your BEP20 tokens are to use it as Gas if you want to send these coins somewhere else.

I could not access the account to which my coins were sent. I had to use MEW instead of Metamask. Now I see my coins and I loaded BNB to MEW for the gas fees but I get an error when trying to send out of MEW to Bitmart. Any suggestions?

Did you send BNB to the same address to which you previously sent SafeMoon tokens?
What does the error say?

Yes, the BNB is there in the same account as Safemoon, I see them both. When I send, a window pops up and says “Oops, something went wrong” and then it asks if I want to send the error report to MEW.