Practice used when working with cryptos not in the Trezor T Asset list ▫

Hey Guys, How do you guys manage storing cryptos that aren’t supported by Trezor T? For eg: BNB, ADA, USDT, MATIC, DOT aren’t in the supported Asset list. I was thinking of using Exodus or Metamask to store these. Thoughts?



Hey Guys, I transferred MATIC and USDT from Exodus to Trezor T. The transfer itself succeeded and I can see the portfolio in Trezor Suite reflect the amounts transferred. But since MATIC and USDT is not in the list of Assets supported by Trezor, I am unable to see them in any listing.

Could I please get help discovering them in Trezor?

Thanks Sridhar

Hi @sridhar9620

Feel free to see the full list of supported tokens and coins from our website You will find the information which device and what applications support the particular cryptocurrency.

Matic (MATIC) is supported by Trezor, however a third-party app must be used. Therefore, please pair your Trezor device with Apps:MyCrypto - Trezor Wiki or Apps:MyEtherWallet - Trezor Wiki ​choose Matic network, and check your balance.

See how to set Matic network in MEW;

As for Tether, it is a cryptocurrency with several tokens. You can have a stable coin EURT - with the price fixed to EUR, or the one you have mentioned, USDT - fixed price to USD.

USDT (United States Dollar Tether) are in fact several different tokens, on several different networks. The most commonly used are Bitcoin Omni, the second one is an Ethereum ERC20 token. These are two different networks, two different assets, and you have to treat them separately. It is not possible to send USDT as ERC20 tokens to USDT Omni network, in a similar way you e.g. cannot send Ether to a Bitcoin address.

USDT Omni can be used with Trezor and OMNI Trezor wallet.

USDT ERC20 can be used as a standard ERC20 token with Trezor and our Trezor Suite wallet, through MyCrypto or for example through MyEtherWallet.

Both networks (Omni and ERC20) are supported by the Trezor device.

Since your tokens are on the Omni layer, please use the application Trezor OMNI wallet at OMNI Trezor

Cardano (ADA) is supported by Trezor as well, but a third-party is needed. Use AdaLite, Yoroi, or Exodus.

Speaking of PolkaDot, there are two different types of cryptocurrency called the same way. Ufortunately, only Polkadot (xDOT) as ERC20 token is supported, the mainnet token is not implemented.

BNB can be used with Trezor as well, see this post, please

Hi @sridhar9620,

Some of the coins you mention are supported through other exchange sites, according to the Supported coins & tokens list, but I usually let them be in the exchange(s) I bought them and wait for support in my Trezor T.

At the end of the year I’ll probably convert some of them to Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) and then Withdraw that to my Trezor, because I don’t want to have too much in an online custodian wallet - both due to safety from hacking etc. and possible End-of-Year reporting of my funds to tax authorities. :smiley:

xDOT is actually Polkadot Futures, so not Polkadot at all but a derivative.