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Sure, feel free to reach out anytime!

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Hi again, @NIYAK

I was thinking about how to transfer the ERC-20 tokens I have around exchanges to my Trezor T wallet, without having to use the different exchanges listed in the Supported coins & tokens list. So far, I’ve mostly used Coinbase and Binance exchanges and I’m reluctant to use many more exchanges, because I lose overview of where I have signed up and also the transfer of funds from Coinbase or Binance to these other exchanges would involve fees & gas. So I searched these forums, here, and found a couple of threads that cleared that question for me.

As I understand it, I can use any online exchange - in my case Coinbase or Binance - to Send ERC-20 tokens to one of my Trezor T’s generated Recieve addresses. I simply copy one of them them from Trezor Suite and paste them into, say, Binance Send/Witdraw form. There’s no need to go via another exchange, which is listed in the Trezor docs, so long as the token is an ERC-20. The exchanges listed in the Trezor’s Supported coins & tokens list are listed there because they’re compatible with Trezor hardware, not because one must use them. Right?

The trick is then to know which tokens are built upon Ethereum and use the ERC-20 network. This isn’t easy for a beginner, but luckily I found a link to the Etherscan site, where one can search for tokens to see if they’re on the list. Cardano (ADA) and Stellar (XLM) aren’t on that list though so then I’ll have to use the exchanges listed in the Support coins & tokens list, I guess.

It’s a nailbiting experience to try and transfer coins to the Trezor wallet, when you’re not 100% sure how to do it, so I wish Trezor Suite (and the wallet website) could explain this better in a help file. Sure, we have the Wiki and Blog and also Google to search, but a good step-by-step explanation directly in Trezor’s transfer user interface would be so much better and relax the nerves in beginners. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: I forgot to ask one more thing - Why do some exchanges ask for my Public key, in addition to the transaction address? I don’t feel comfortable handing out my Public key to every unknown (to me) online exchange, although I know they can’t use it to hack me or anything so it’s safe that way, but I’ve heard that they can use it to search on the blockchain for all the previous transactions I’ve made with that coin/token and I’m not particularily Ok with that. For me, it’s a privacy issue.

@Petosiris Please could you clarify what “exchanges listed in the Trezor docs” are you referring to? It does not matter from where you are transferring the tokens to your Trezor, as long as you are using a correct receiving address (of a respective coin type). It might be helpful to check this list as all the ERC20 tokens are marked there.
In the “Wallets” column you can find out what interface has to be used for using each coin. You can see that ADA coin can be used in Adalite and Yoroi wallets. XLM can be used in Account Viewer and Exodus.

We are working on a documentation that would explain all the procedures. Also, you can reach out to us anytime, as it’s always better to ask if you are not absolutely sure about something.

To your last question, please ask for an explanation the respective exchange service.

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Please could you clarify what “exchanges listed in the Trezor docs” are you referring to?

I meant in the Supported coins & tokens list, in the Wallets column. So then we agree. :slight_smile:

We are working on a documentation that would explain all the procedures.

That’s great news!

@Petosiris Great, thanks for clarifying that!
Yes, in that column you can see what wallet you need to access with Trezor in order to use the coin.
You can find more information on Adalite integration on our Trezor Wiki: Cardano (ADA) - Trezor Wiki

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Is SOL supported? it says xsol is?

@JWC Solana the mainnet token is not supported.


I see that on the supported coins XDC or XinFin says soon.

Do you know in what time frame trezor will support XDC? I know it supports XDCE at the moment but that’s not what I’m asking about

Hi @Bradholc
It’s most probably supported already but the list was not updated since the last fw update a week ago. Feel free to add the needed EVM network by using with MetaMask, and let us know how did it work for you.


Would like to ask is trezor support Ronin wallet? for example SLP or AXS ?

Hi @Neo_Xiang yes you can pair your Trezor with Ronin wallet and as those two tokens you have mentioned are ERC20 they’re supported as well.
For more information search for Ronin or Axie here in the forum. There is already plenty of information.

Hello, any progress on this? Is there an ETA for this firmware upgrade that will support ADA on the Trezor One? The coin is picking up a lot of momentum with Alonzo happening next month.


There is still no ETA for such firmware upgrade.
However Model T’s firmware supports ADA. And also, Cardano support in Trezor Suite is on the roadmap (see here ). So there will be no third party wallets needed soon.

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I’ve got the same problem. I bought the ONE long ago when I was using/investing in basic coins.
Now I’m ONLY investing in PoS coins which none of the Trezor devices support, so my ONE is lying unused.
Even the Ledger Nano X/S does not support all the coins I want, so I’m currently surviving WITHOUT a hardware wallet.
(coins: CRO, OXEN, Terra’s UST & ANC)

Is there a chance to see my favourite protocol Radix (XRD) on my favourite hardware wallet Model T in the next few months?

Hi, most probably not.

Hi team,

please add Pocket Network (POKT) onto your list of chains to be added.

Thank you.

Hi Trezor team,

I own a Trezor and it work great :+1: Thanks for that! I know you said you currently don’t have the bandwidth to add new coins. On the Flux (Zelcore) Discord I read that Trezor already was supporting the FLUX coin and the firmware was already developed (at least according one of their devs). However, for some reason it was removed again. I think there are quite some people in the FLUX community who are (still) very interested in the support of FLUX on Trezor (including me).

Is there a particular reason why the support was dropped? Is there anything the FLUX community could do to get FLUX back into Trezor? I would like to understand if there were/are remaining technical difficulties or if there were other reasons for dropping the support?

Thanks and best regards.

Hello friends of Trezor!!!

Congratulations for the work done with the ADA compatibility in Trezor Suite, it’s fantastic.

But I wanted to ask you, for other supports, since I have been following the forum for a while, and reading responses from colleagues saying that, “we are working on a new approach to add new coins to Trezor that should facilitate and speed up the process”.

Could you provide more information on this?

There are numerous projects that are supported by other cold wallets and that Trezor has not yet supported, such as ROSE, SOL, DOT, VET, LUNA, AVAX, TRX… among others.

I believe Trezor can speed up the process of supporting more crypto networks onto its firmware. Us customers that hold Trezor wallets should demand this from the Trezor team. It makes no sense to keep buying different wallets just to hold a crypto that a wallet does not currently support. We should demand a solid response to our request.

We need Trezor to support these following networks:


if there are any solid networks that i havent mention please feel free to let the TREZOR TEAM KNOW THEY NEED TO WORK ON THIS AS QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY AS POSSIBLE!